Mechanical juicer for sugar canes

Design & Engineering

Machine Design

The goal of this project was to reverse engineer an existing machine, an old model of a sugar cane juicer. We were given the gear ratios from the original machine the customer had sitting in his backyard, and from there we went on designing the mechanism. The machine is operated by hand, with a handle that is placed on its front side. Then, the motion is translated into another axis using worm-gear mechanism, and after that using simple spur gears it is transfered to the other rollers which are carefully designed and distanced such that they pull the sugar cane, press it and the juice flows down through the specifically designed canal. The reason the customer wanted to have his machine redesigned was because the original one he had was too bulky and not very mobile. This machine on the other hand is much smaller and is enclosed using sheet metal aluminum parts and a few bolts.

SolidWorks, KeyShot, SolidWorks Drawings