Category: Structural Design

Design & Engineering

Conveyor Belt for Coal

The goal was to design a conveyor belt for coal transport, that would feed a 600MW power plant with coal. By doing this we developed a detailed calculation procedure on how conveyor belts are properly dimensioned.

Gate arm design using SolidWorks FEA tools

This customer gave us a request to design a specific gate arm that would not exceed certain weight value and that would be made from certain profiles and the parts from which it is assembled had to be easy to transport, so we had to design a gate arm…

Design of a truck climbing structure

We designed a structure that is simple and yet practical and is to be used as a kind of ladder by clamping it on the truck and climbing on it. The way it is clamped on the truck is with two large bolts which are tightened. The structure is made from welded rectangular…

Body game controller complete development

Development of the mechanical construction for a body game controller, which is basically a game controller – only it is controlled with the body. On the top of the red plate one can see the buttons which can be pressed, and that same platform is able to…