Package design for a Bosch fuel injector

Design & Engineering

Plastic Part Design

When sensitive parts are being transported there must be some sort of protection, the way that is traditionally done is by using foam like materials (polystyrene, polyethylene) that act as the vibration absorption mechanisms and some outer hard casing which in most cases is plastic or carton boxes. This project was a test and a case study where I wanted to design protective transport case for a BOSCH fuel injector. The foam design can be simplified, while on the other hand the plastic part is pretty well designed including equal wall thickness, ribs, draft angles and tolerances such that all the components fit together well. What is interesting is the way the top and bottom plastic piece connect using a pin, but there is no undercut anywhere around, the connecting holes and features are designed to be manufactured with simple slide out mold.

SolidWorks, SolidWorks FEA Tools