Protective case rendering for Galaxy S8

Design & Engineering

E-Commerce, Consumer Product

This customer was in need of realistic images to support his e-commerce business where he is selling high quality protective cases for a variety of smartphones as well as other accessories. In this case we had to model the case using SolidWorks, set up scenes in KeyShot were we produced the realistic looking images and at the end once we had the images we did some final color/contrast editing using Adobe Photoshop. The last step after that was to add text to the images as they were used to sell his product on Amazon and other online stores. There are also some other graphics that we created to enhance the marketing of the product. In the images below one can see the renderings we did in one color, although it was rendered in multiple colors. There were numerous cases like this one for which we basically did the same thing to increase the customer sales.

SolidWorks, KeyShot, Adobe Photoshop